Guangzhou Customs Broker

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Guangzhou Customs Broker

中 国 海 关


The General Administration of Customs is the superior of Guangzhou Customs Broker. It is a ministry-level organ directly under the State Council of the People's Republic of China, governing all customs broker guangzhou. In the General Administration of Customs are 15 departments, governing 6 subordinate public institutions, 4 social institutions and 3 institution stationed abroad. The Supervision Dept. of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection sets a Discipline Inspection & Supervision Bureau in the General Administration of Customs.

Currently, China has class-I 253 ports approved by the state and nearly 200 class-II ports approved by provincial governments. According to the Customs Law of the People's Republic of China and applicable laws and regulations, Guangzhou customs broker mainly undertake four basic tasks, i.e. exercise supervision and control over the means of transportation, goods, and articles entering or leaving the territory; collect customs duties and other taxes and fees; uncover and suppress smuggling; work out customs statistics and handle other customs operations, and seven duties including customs broker guangzhou monitoring, tax collection and management, processing trade and protective tariff supervision, customs statistics, Guangzhou customs broker, smuggling strike, and port management.

Guangzhou Customs Broker carry out the work guideline of "administration based on the laws, holding the pass for the country, serving economy, and promoting development" and the team construction requirement of "strong politics, skillful business operation, and trustworthiness".

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