Broker Shipping China

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Broker Shipping China

Gang shen works on China customs clearance, Broker Shipping China,air or sea freight Shipping, local logistics, warhouse, distribution and Trading, transporation ,truck,payment agency T/T, L/C etc

Gang shen focus on Broker Shipping China Global goods products import & export to China, including Broker Shipping China

1. Food & Beverage (wines, oliveoils, beers, Alcohols, pring water, chocolate, coffee, biscuit, cake, honey...etc.)

2. Machinery & equipment (CNC centre, Production-line, Equipment, New or Used equipment and machines, and Instruments...etc.)

3. Wood Timber (African wood, logs, Southeast wood timber, square wood,....etc)

4. Chemicals & Cosmetics products(American chemcials, coasting, painting, Korean...Japanese, Canadian, and Austalian chemicals ....etc.)

5. Luxury products(private helicopter, Yacht, boat, cars, truck,mountain bike....etc)

6. Others ( FCL container or LCL shipments or express couriers to China)

Broker Shipping China,thanks!

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1.进口顾问:Jack(邢生),毕业于:河南财经政法大学,国际经济与贸易,12年进口操作经验;☎:086+15818318684✉ 2.主要操作:中古二手设备、保健器、食品化妆品、化工、木材石材、机械配件生产线等;3.业务范围:付外汇、贸易协助、国外提货、中检(装运前检验)、办许可证、海运空运铁运代理、国内港口清关送货。4.操作港口:大连、天津、上海、宁波、厦门、东莞、广州、深圳、郑州