Export the John Deere CP690 Cotton picker to China

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Export the John Deere CP690 Cotton picker to China

Export the John Deere CP690 Cotton picker to ChinaJohn Deere CP690 Cotton picker

John Deere Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology consists of onboard round module moisture sensing, round module weighing, Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro and the John Deere Operations Center Field Analyzer app, which enables a cotton producer to protect seed cotton quality while increasing harvest productivity and minimising the cost of harvest.

The CP690 cotton picker will share the spotlight with the rest of the John Deere harvester range at Agritechnica 2017. It will join the new S790 combine and 8800 self-propelled forager in demonstrating the breadth of harvesting equipment available for cotton, grain, maize and silage. Potential cotton harvester customers from Europe and the Middle East will be present to see the new Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology on display, which continues the industry leading innovation that cotton harvester customers have come to rely on from John Deere.

The CP690 cotton picker and CS690 cotton stripper carry on the legacy established by the 7760 in non-stop cotton harvesting with the onboard round module builder. This technology has increased harvest productivity and lowered the cost of harvest through non-stop harvesting requiring one operator and one machine, while protecting cotton quality with the patented Round Module Wrap, which covers the module to protect it from rain, wind and sunlight.

The new round module moisture sensor removes the guesswork from the cotton producer on when to start and finish harvesting for the day. Real time feedback in the cab of the cotton harvester allows the producer to stop harvesting when moisture approaches 12 per cent, to preserve cotton quality and the cotton grower’s profit. This is a standard feature on all CP690 and CS690 cotton harvesters sold around the world.

Round module weighing removes the burden of transporting modules from the field to the gin to get the weights required to calibrate the harvester’s yield monitor. The real time round module weight displayed in the cab allows the producer to calibrate the yield monitor based on individual fields and varieties. This is also a standard feature on all cotton harvesters sold worldwide, and will enable customers to have more accurate data when comparing yields year on year.

Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro documents each module the cotton harvester produces and provides a detailed report with 27 data points captured for each module. This allows producers to manage their cotton modules more quickly and track the relevant data for each one. This means no more guessing how many modules were made per field or if input costs are providing the expected yield increase.

The John Deere Operations Center Field Analyzer app incorporates Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro data with Harvest Doc Cotton yield mapping in one application, which provides a graphical representation of module placement and yield for each field. The producer can see the location of each module in the field and view important data, such as moisture, weight and variety. From a farm management perspective, Field Analyzer also improves the logistics for module collection and transporting to the gin.

In the same way that John Deere round module builder cotton harvesters revolutionised the cotton industry by minimising the cost of harvest while maximising yield and profits, the latest Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology advances these capabilities while also enabling sustainable cotton production.

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